Kid blogs

My kids are now 11 and 8 (for a few more days… then 9 – what else would come next!)

The other day they asked me if they could have their own blogs.  I wasn’t sure if they should have a blog at their age?  What age should bloggers start blogging????

In the end, I thought, well what harm can come from them wanting to create rather than just consume stuff on the internet… so I wait to see what, if anything, they will do with their new blogs.

I suspect there will be new amusing cats pages within weeks! Lets hope so funny cats are the best!



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Old goals discovered

I should remind myself of these too from 1000 days ago:

1. Complete a 100 mile sportive

2. Average 20 mph over a 10 mile route

They both sound very difficult today, but hopefully not impossible… Let me think if they should still be the goals of choice!

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Bad times. New start!

OK Andrew, welcome back, it’s been over a year since your last confession.

Back in the day you were a big fattie, you knew you had to lose weight, so you started this blog, ate more sensible food, logged your food in a diary, made an effort to do lots more exercise… And you got fitter and lost 50 pounds! Well done Andrew of the past.

Well that was a while ago. You stopped most of that, and guess what… You put the weight back on. All of it. What a doughnut! Actually too many doughnuts!

So.. Let’s do it again…

I read a quote on someone else’s blog that I want to steal…

You don’t have to be great to start but you do have to start to be great

I’ll adapt it too, sometimes you have to restart to be great again!

Now greatness is not actually my goal! But losing 60 pounds is! But more than the number this time, I obviously have to make this sustainable somehow… So I also need to explore permanent lifestyle change.  What can I do to achieve the mathematical target, whilst enjoying it…

My bike will feature… But what else, what else can I do that burns calories… Involves the family, and doesn’t mean taking a huge picnic of treats!

So let’s see where that takes me… 

Time to open up myfitnesspal and log this mornings coffee!

Wish me luck!


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Hello blog

Hello my blog! Gosh, it’s been a while since I wrote in here! Surely something has happened since last time? I’ll have a think!

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Center Parcs

Just come back from a fabulous weekend at center parcs, Sherwood Forrest. Had a 2 bed villa in the woods, which had been nicely updated to modern decor and a bit of a refit.

It always amazes me that we have the weekend in the woods at a center parcs, in a small villa, less than half the size of our own house, but it never feels like a tight fit! So basically everything we have in our house, all that stuff and clutter is unnecessary! Proof!

We usually go around this time of year, and being Britain it means you can have any weather! Last year we arrived and had ice creams on the beach, this year it was snowing! But that never affects us (or anyone else) at CP!

We thoroughly enjoyed the pool as ever, and a new (to us if not the park) ride at the pool, a huge inflatable ring that fits the whole family, and shoots you down a great big wet slide! And despite the occasional long queue… It was Awesome! Although I did miss the lazy river they have at the Elevden one… I like that!

We also booked archery and badminton for the first time with the kids this time, and both activities were really good. During archery the kids didn’t get bullseyes, or hit the targets too often but they improved through the session and really enjoy it. I was very rubbish! If we were relying on my skills as a hunter with a bow for dinner this weekend… Well, we would have certainly gone home lighter!

The boy was a badminton demon! At just 6 I was really impressed with his hand eye coordination, especially given he was playing with a racket that is not the right size for him at all! It looked very out if proportion! But he was regularly hitting the shuttlecock back over the net, and even took the odd one back on the run.. Excellent!

My daughter enjoyed the short tennis with her friends more I think, but was equally keen! I think we will explore more racket sports with the pair of them.

Best of all though, for me, is always the cycling. Largely car free, in the beautiful trees, it’s a great place for the whole family to get out on the bikes. It’s not hilly, not really hilly at Nottingham, but if you are 6 or 8, as our kids now just are, there are some challenges. If you are riding a 12″ wheeled Ben Ten bike, or one with no gears, as they both were, even more of a challenge! But, although there were a few whines, they just got on with it and rode their little legs off!

It was a brilliant weekend away, really tip top! It can be a little pricey at CP, but if you book well, there are usually a few good deals in the year, and I would recommend it highly to everyone! Go! Go now!

Centre Parcs

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New scales horror!

I have had to re calibrate to new scales.

My old ones have given up the ghost about 2 months back… I have been meaning to replace them for a while, and finally got round to it yesterday… I woke and unwrapped them gleefully this morning, set up user 1, 5′ 10″… Age 39 etc and jumped on. Now I knew I haven’t been 100% good for the last few weeks, but I have been maintaining as I checked in at the gym. So anticipating that the new scales might give me a slightly different reading to the old ones, I braced to see perhaps a 2lb gain…. 10lbs!!!! 10 sodding pounds!!!

Just goes to show you can’t manage what you don’t measure!! There is truth there!!!

Now I feel some motivation! That is not good! Back on the program – fatso! It’s back on the plan NOW!

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It’s been a whoops day!

Oh dear not a top performance today!

An unscheduled bacon roll started the day badly. I met a friendly supplier for lunch, and the healthiest thing I found on the pub menu was a chicken Caesar salad. I asked for no dressing, they ignored the request and it was too delicious to return! The buggers!

My colleague also helpfully brought cakes in for his birthday… Happy times… except for the weak willed. Not good…

And because I had met the supplier I didn’t even get my lunch time stroll in… So below the required exercise levels for the day.

And then to round off my day as one of the least motivated dieters ever… I over ate pasta for tea…

On the up side I did… Errr… Erm… Nope. All bad all day! No positives!

Dear lord I am going to have to work hard at the gym tomorrow to make up for this shambles. What a day!

Diet starts again tomorrow.

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